About Us

Australia's leading specialist of end-to-end project management and construction services

PPM provides professional and specialised Project and Construction Management services.

PPM has managed projects up to $2 Billion construction value across the retail, commercial, hospitality, residential and education sectors. Our firm collaborates with government, private and public organisations to deliver reliable service and outstanding results.

Efficiency driven thinking

Flexible and responsive

Service and results oriented

30+ years experience

The PPM team develops a close working relationship with the members of each project team, as we believe that good personal relationships and effective teamwork are vital ingredients in all successful projects. Our Directors and Senior Project Managers are upheld by solid project management and construction career experience, having delivered a number of projects across all property sectors.

We remain flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs.  We are innovative in developing new services or in tailoring our existing services to meet the specific requirements and goals demanded by our clients. The practice has sufficient capacity and strength to handle many projects at one time.

Our approach is based on these core principles.

  • We believe that any project obstacles can be solved, given transparency and meticulous analysis of all costs and specifications before a project commences.
  • We believe that effective long-term success requires a company-wide commitment to and participation in the process of change.
  • We believe that strong, effective leadership is key to the success of any organisation – we remain approachable and personable throughout projects at all levels of the company.

Although there are basic skills that can help any company succeed, each organisation is unique and must find its best path to success.  PPM assists architects and business owners achieve their desired outcomes.

We strive to protect the financial interests of our clients from the earliest point of our involvement to the conclusion of the project, through our meticulously detailed cost management of the whole construction and our proficient and capable project management.

The philosophy and culture of PPM is one of commitment to quality, accuracy and timely advice: all crucial to ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients. 

We’re a specialist project and construction management team who take the time to listen, review clients’ plans and work to match the intended design with usage. This matching process delivers a product that is durable in terms of quality and functionality . . . one that supports a point of difference.