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We are extremely grateful for the long-standing relationships we’ve built over the past 11+ years, with customers who include many of the world’s finest jewellery stores, designers, artists, suppliers and re-sellers.

M&G Mining Group’ activities are based on exclusivity and encourages progressive improvement in the supply chain. We’ll continue supplying the best quality raw materials of Metals and Gemstones at an affordable cost ,with due diligence and responsible sourcing of minerals from high risk areas. Our supply Chain from high risk areas  are , and as recommended in the OECD , in Due Diligence Guidelines and UN recommendations.

 We aim to adhere with compliance with the US Dodd Frank Law, section 1502 on conflict minerals, in relation to the Rules published by the SEC but is not in itself a certification system.  We will ensure that our supply chain also compliments severals efforts of promoting transparency for free-conflict minerals relevant to CFSI’s Conflict-Free Smelter audit programme (CFSP), the ICGLR’s Regional Certification Initiative, and BGR’s Certified Trading Chains Initiative (CTC).


G &M Mining Group supply  raw materials Gems, Metals and Chemicals  to industries with the know-how knowledge  capacity to transform them into end products.

We supply raw materials at an affordable prices.

We Supply Gems and Metals you buy to support your business goals and ours.

Compared to  CURRENT world prices market , we offer you a better choice  for prices with  the best quality of graded raw materials

G&M Mining Group Fund supports  GSE Initiative . For more information click the link below.

We work with graduates and interns to carry our research , innovation and development of raw materials processing and supply.